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Repurpose Old Smartphones

With just a few tweaks, you can customise your old smartphone into a functional tool for your daily needs
By Tushar Kanwar | May 18, 2017

It’s a common scenario in many homes, that an old smartphone that is sitting unused in a drawer because a glitzy new model has replaced it. Just because it’s a couple of years old and isn’t the latest anymore, an old smartphone is still a handy minicomputer stuffed with all manners of working sensors, and a few simple steps will transform it into a functional tool that can complement your everyday life

Kitchen Screen

A kitchen is no place for an expensive new smartphone or tablet, and the older spare phone works just fine, if you want to set timers, look up recipes or search for cooking videos on YouTube, even if you’re in the middle of cooking and don't have a clean hand spare! Running out of groceries? Use Evernote or Wunderlist to sync shopping lists with your primary smartphone.



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