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You can redeem the units before the completion of the three year lock-in by losing on the tax benefits

The National Pension Scheme is a great retirement savings and investment option

ELSS are mutual funds in which you can invest to save tax under Section 80C of the income tax

Invest efficiently to save tax and achieve goals

The cap of Rs 1.5 lakh leaves too little to choose from Section 80C

We suggest you invest in a tax saving fund from the Beginner category of OLM Elite

Deploying the bonus money in ELSS has dual benefits of Tax Saving and beating Inflation

Running a preschool is no child’s play as it comes with its fair share of responsibilities

Make small compromises today, so you don’t have to make big and more important financial ones tomorrow

Axis Long Term Equity has everything that one looks for in a long-term investment plan

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