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According to the tax laws, a gift received from close relatives is not taxable in the hands of the recipient

Data can be deceptive- widening of tax collections & rise in taxpayers does not tell you if filers are rich or poor

You can claim tax deductions on premiums paid towards health insurance under Section 80D of the Income-tax Act

Check Form 26AS for tax credits if any by your employer, who may be operating under some other name

The interest earned from FDs is not exempt from income tax in the hands of any taxpayer

Start investing in tax saving mutual funds, that is, ELSS funds which come with a three year lock in

Filing tax returns is a cumbersome process, but it is not an insurmountable affair if you get the basics right

Filing tax returns is important, but avoiding errors is equally critical for the process to be truly complete

When you invest through SIPs in tax planning funds, every instalment in the scheme is locked-in for three years

The tax treatment on the maturity gains will fall under the head ‘Income from other sources'

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