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Fund managers are inclined to buy IT stocks as the sector is growing rapidly

Beginners are advised to start with mutual fund instead of directly investing in stocks. Read on to know more

How about introducing the investment equivalent of beef ban by forbidding investments in stock for retail investors

The fund typically invests about 50 per cent of the assets in a portfolio of attractive mid-caps stocks

The income from investment in stocks will be clubbed with business income and taxed under the head business income.

The Fund emphasises on beating the index by a considerable margin

Tata Large Cap has beaten the benchmark with dependable returns

Discount of 3% on offer for the ETF which consists primarily of bluechip stocks. The NFO opens on Wednesday.

The fund follows a growth approach to investing in quality stocks that have a large-cap tilt

The portfolio of the fund has over 60 stocks, which further brings in the much needed diversification

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