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“I spend frugally and I save a lot, so I don’t have any real problems as such,” says Shamir Reuben

The way money perceives itself; as imagined by Narayan Krishnamurthy

Millennials do not worry as long as they are confident that their net worth is outpacing the cost of borrowing

You can update on your email or even your mobile number for a mini statement of the credit card bill.

To explore the hidden pleasures of a city, never cram a lot of destinations in your itinerary

You should consider such a card only if you frequently use credit cards and spend on the co-branded services

When you do an act of charity, the amount you spend for the purpose is treated as your personal drawings

Budget 2016 has shown a willingness to spend on infrastructure, roads and railways, and in rural infrastructure

Judicious use of plastic currency can accrue a lot of gains, but don’t spend just to get that extra buck

Spend time to explore the details of what the big-ticket purchase entails.

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