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Sensex and Nifty consist of actively traded largecap companies, which are representative of their respective sectors.

The BSE Sensex touching 30,000 is a reminder that there is a lot more steam in the Indian markets to still ride on

The obsession over the movement of Sensex has not converted those observing it to participate in its movements

The key difference is that ETFs are available on the exchanges on real time Net Asset Value basis

Downs and ups are the natural flow for money in the stock markets.

As the Modi Government celebrates three years in office, don’t be blinded by the festivities and noise around it

Labour ministry & the Central Board of Trustees, have agreed to increase the EPFO’s exposure through the ETF route

Use this opportunity to invest in government's ten Maharatnas and Navaratnas

Choose wisely from the plethora of options, considering the long-term nature of the need

Labour ministry has increased the limit to be invested in stock market to 10 per cent

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