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SIPs or systematic investment plans will help you save, invest and prosper

Capital gains on the sale of a gifted property are taxable for the inheritor. Here’s how you can save on tax.

For a start, a budget in place is essential to savings

Insurance is not a tax saving instrument, nor a low premium a saving

The child insurance plan is the best way to save for the long-term needs of children

The five-year deposit under Section 80C of the I-T Act helps to save tax

Selecting a fund such as Canara Robeco, HDFC Balanced or ICICI Pru Balanced could help save taxes.

Read on the list of avenues to deploy your money to save taxes

If you do a little bit of smart scouting, you will be able to save 10-15 per cent costs when zeroing in on a house

To save tax, invest in ELSS, which are also a good way to build wealth

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