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Salary income is taxable in the year in which it is due or received, whichever is earlier

Check with the accountant if reimbursement component can be claim without producing bills.

In case you have a salary account with a bank, it is your duty to inform them of change in employment status

At present you are a high risk borrower, and it will be sometime before a bank can make you a personal loan

The EPF withdrawal will be taxed as income & you need to include it in your ITR under the head 'Income from Salary'

It is compulsory to fill Form 16 to claim tax deducted on the salary paid by your previous employer

Yes, if you are salaried and EPF is part of your salary, you can restart contributing to the same account

Normally, HRA exemption depends on your salary; place of residence; rent paid & lastly the HRA received

If your salary ends much before than expected, you are in a dire need to adopt these five advices

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