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Outlook Money brings you the views on money matters from some of India's most influential people

It is important to aspire for career growth, but do not get trapped into believing that you could work for eternity

The last leg of your financial life can be enriching if you have more time to pursue the hobbies you put on hold

In a family floater plan all the members of a family are insured under one policy

A job in entertainment industry comes with high-maintenance and a shelf life

The loop of making money to do your job better, to make more money to do your job better

“When I cure a child of an illness, I see the relief in the eyes of the parents,” Reena says

Like most young professionals, Avinash too is living alone in a city away from his home

Doctor & supermodel Aditi Gowitrikar talks about her career, joys of motherhood and how she manages her finances

Although the start-up ecosystem has more men, women are not far behind in starting their own ventures

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