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Term insurance policy is the cheapest and, comparatively, the simplest form of insurance policy

Any insurance policy lapses if the due premium is not paid within 6 months of the date when the premium became due

The ‘free look period’ is the time period given to you for re-evaluating your purchase of the policy

Yes, you can cancel your existing motor policy during the policy period

Under such circumstances, the insurers have the option to cease all benefits under the policy

First assess your life insurance requirement, and then check if the cover under the group policy is adequate

If there is a claim during the policy period the sum insured is reduced to the extent of the claim amount

You can wait till the term of your present policy is over and renew the policy with enhanced sum insured

Approach your insurer to understand the state of the policy and what is it that you will get if you surrender now

Nomination basically identifies the person who will receive the policy money if the policyholder dies

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