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Sensex and Nifty consist of actively traded largecap companies, which are representative of their respective sectors.

The key difference is that ETFs are available on the exchanges on real time Net Asset Value basis

Labour ministry & the Central Board of Trustees, have agreed to increase the EPFO’s exposure through the ETF route

Franklin India Prima Plus is a must in every retail investor’s portfolio to gain from equity exposure to companies

This fund’s consistent performance over its 10-year history makes it an all-weather pick

If you are an active do-it-yourself trader with high trading volumes, discount brokers are just for you

Should you trust your broker if he says Nifty will touch 1,25,000 by 2030?

Easy, convenient and flexible are the traits that make mutual funds a sound investment option

You are investing in a fund which is almost a decade old and has seen the bad and the good phase of the market

A clearly defined objective, consistent fund management and strong research make this fund a good choice to invest

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