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The difference between PPF and mutual fund is that PPF guarantees returns, something mutual funds do not & cannot

Close on heals of the Sahi Hai campaign, mutual funds may soon have celebrity endorsements going for it

By regulation, dividends from mutual funds are not guaranteed in terms of how much they will pay out every month

Mutual funds do not guarantee returns or capital safety, but careful selection of debt funds should worry you less

Use the liquidity feature of mutual funds instead of going for a dividend option when investing in mutual funds

While investing in mutual funds one should always identify the investor type

Mutual funds operate on the principle of pooled resources

Start investing regularly through SIPs which will help you benefit from the power of compounding & cost averaging

If your overall income is below the taxable limit, you will not need to pay any income tax

You, as the parent can hold units of a mutual fund and transact on behalf of your daughter

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