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If the insured dies after maturity date but before receiving the proceeds, the claim is treated as a maturity claim

The tax treatment on the maturity gains will fall under the head ‘Income from other sources'

No, insurers do not automatically pay the maturity benefits of endowment plans

Life insurance claims can be maturity or death, and the procedure varies depending on the type of claim you make

A basic term policy is one in which if the insured person survives the term, then he would not get anything

In such cases, the policy will vest in the deceased’s estate and the claim is paid to the heirs

Term Insurance plan is a pure risk plan wherein a very low cost is paid to cover life for a specific term

Is it better to redeem or renew your investments in FMPs? Read on to know more.

The periodic payments or the amount received on maturity of policies is not repatriable

The amount received on maturity of an Ulip is exempt from tax under section 10(10D)

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