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The BSE Sensex touching 30,000 is a reminder that there is a lot more steam in the Indian markets to still ride on

Stock markets react positively with nothing done to STT and Long-Term Capital Taxes

The uneasy mix of ambiguity and fear in the stock markets

Mutual fund investments have an element of risk depending on the category of fund you invest in

The trade-off between upside gains and risk of loss is important in investment

As a first time investor, it would be in your interest to take the mutual fund route to invest

The fund follows a multi-cap approach with a well diversified portfolio with exposure quality stocks and sectors.

Use the equity mutual fund route to investing in stock markets for wealth creation

With the markets indicators showing recovery, 2016 will be the year of hope of consolidation

Stay invested for the long run to get the most out of your investments and don’t be distracted by short-term blips

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