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Ordinarily, loan against property can
 be obtained against any property that you own

The security for the car loan is your car itself

Collateral security only helps in securing the loan and is usually not considered for determining the loan amount

You can go for a term insurance plan or a mortgage redemption plan to cover the loan liability of your house

For part paying your loan, it would be better to use the funds that you have allocated for the short-to-medium term

Yes, you can get tax deduction benefits on more than one home loan taken in one financial year to buy a property

No, you will not be able to transfer the property in your daughter’s name till you fully pay off the home loan

Under most circumstances it is better to prepay your home loan if you have spare cash

It really does not matter who is giving the loan as long as the terms on which the loan is given are okay

A loan to fund your sister’s education will not allow you tax concessions, unless you are the legal guardian

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