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Investing in sector fund is risky as these funds have a narrow investment mandate

Under Section 80C, a deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh for investment made in specified instruments are allowed

When investing in mutual funds, you must consider your investment objective before committing money

Filling a redemption form is required to withdraw the mutual fund investment

SEBI's relaxation in investment norms

The choice of picking one of these will depend on age, ability to take risk and the time frame of investment

Just a change in fund management team should not be the trigger for you to change your investments

If you're not comfortable with the thought of putting money in liquid fund, you could also keep it in bank account

PPFAS Long Term Value Fund can invest up to 35 per cent of its portfolio in foreign securities

You should park your money either in liquid mutual funds or ultra short term debt mutual funds.

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