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It is too early to guess the impact of demonetisation on GDP growth

We invest in sustainable growth companies, says Roshni Jain, VP, Franklin Templeton Investments

Franklin India High Growth Companies has witnessed a full market cycle of ups and downs to emerge a winner

Franklin India High Growth Co. has fared well amidst bullish and bearish trends

To gauge the impact of demonetisation, one needs to distinguish between liquidity, wealth and income effect

The Indian economy is expected to continue to grow faster than most other economies

Both the option has its own advantages and disadvantages depends on the individual’s need and circumstances

More people are opting for loans today, and it is Tier-II and Tier-III cities that are driving growth

Track the performance of a fund that has grown 100 times in its little over two decade journey

Focus on quality companies have helped Tata India Tax Savings fund perform across market cycles, says Rupesh Patel

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