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You need to be careful to include inflation when investing towards long-term goals

Try to be SMART with your goals by having Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Trackable goals.

Regular savings and increasing corpus towards the financial goal indicated that, you are on track

It can be early to have a clear plan of execution for all financial goals; some should be faced after a few years

Stick to investing based on how far your financial goals are

Adopt smart ways to align tax planning to financial goals and benefit from best of both worlds

Smart tax planning strategies can help you not only optimise tax liability but also achieve your financial goals

The Shindes need to change the way they are approaching their finances to achieve their future financial goals.

Cut down on discretionary expenses to ensure that savings are adequate to fund important financial goals.

Understanding how inflation impacts you is very important as it may affect your financial goals.

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