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In the event of a claim all policies contribute to the loss in proportion to the sum insured

With volatility in markets being the cornerstone, fixed income investors are better off in short- medium term funds

If your salary ends much before than expected, you are in a dire need to adopt these five advices

Shifting to nature-friendly sources of fuel not only saves the environment, but helps cut down on expenses too

Best way to determine the amount is to imagine the financial needs of your dependants when you are no longer around

Saving towards retirement is good start, but it will help if you can figure out how much you need & work towards it

Money can be harder to talk about than politics or religion. But, talk about it at home to create good financials

Bringing up a child single-handedly is a daunting task, but you can achieve your goals with a well-devised plan

It purely depends on the arrangement of the insurer with a particular hospital

E-wallets to now go a step further from just facilitating transactions

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