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If you wish to invest in gold, you could do so with both the ETF and the gold fund

You will need to sell the gold that you have and then deploy the proceeds from such sales into gold ETF

The key difference is that ETFs are available on the exchanges on real time Net Asset Value basis

Each category of mutual fund is suited for a particular purpose based on the investor’s risk profile

Both the options have advantages depending on the convenience that an investor seeks

All gold ETFs currently charge around one per cent as expenses

Use this opportunity to invest in government's ten Maharatnas and Navaratnas

The short-term capital gains on units held for less than 36 months will be added to your income and taxed.

An ETF is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets just like an index fund.

You can consider investing in a gold ETF for which you will need a demat account

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