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Yes, if you are salaried and EPF is part of your salary, you can restart contributing to the same account

The amounts withdrawn from EPF will be treated as "salary", but tax payable is not same as other forms of income

According to a study, the EPF is seen as a strong pillar in supporting retirement adequacy goals

EPF withdrwal rules remain intact after government rolls back changes

Scale tilts towards NPS as a better option today

The way the retirement savings space is emerging, people should consider other options

Although the PFRDA has notified the procedure for EPF members to shift from the EPFO to NPS, it is not a cake walk

Submit the required Form 13 for transfer of EPF account to your current employer

Now EPF account holders will be able to withdraw 90 per cent of their EPF balance to buy their dream home

There are differences which makes the NPS score over the EPF

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