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The only difference between a diversified equity scheme and an ELSS is that the latter offers tax benefits

ELSS funds are diversified equity funds which have a three-year lock-in period on the investment

Given your investment time frame, it would be a good idea to consider ELSS over PPF

Investing in equity-linked savings scheme or ELSS is a good move, especially to save on your income tax liability

Three year lock-in, when investing in an ELSS gives sufficient time for the fund to gain from the market movements

Investments in ELSS come with a three year lock-in to claim the tax deduction

Both, diversified equity schemes and ELSS are equity schemes

Investments in ELSS qualify for tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act

ELSS combined with many benefits is a lucrative investment option after retirement

ELSS is not a homogenous category and therefore one should not compare the funds purely based on returns

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