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The yellow metal lost its glitter on back of the demonetisation drive, as per World Gold Council (WGC)

The aftermath of demonetisation can be felt in the disruption of consumption supply patterns

To gauge the impact of demonetisation, one needs to distinguish between liquidity, wealth and income effect

End of black money is a utopian thought, which does not mean demonetisation has not done anything

The demonetisation drive should be viewed as an eye-opener for banking industry and policy makers

Here is a timeline dedicated to the history of demonetisation in India

Outlook Money gets experts to bust some common misconceptions on demonetisation

Retail investors exhibiting appetite for equity funds is an unintended, but positive, fallout of note ban

A year after note ban, digital transactions have seen a spurt, but questions over their sustainability persist

The need of the hour is networks for a robust consumer banking system to meet consumer needs

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