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When interest rate bottom out and leveraging cycle starts, equity starts delivering better returns

Exploring new ways to build wealth

An ideal way to raise your equity exposure is to invest a lump sum into dynamic asset allocation funds

The sale of real estate will no doubt create the much needed financial cushion

The current scenario makes for a compelling situation to invest lump-sum amounts into equities on a priority basis

Don't let vagaries of life impact your possessions- insuring assets is a cost effective way to protect what you own

If you finance the construction with a loan, you will increase your assets as well as your liabilities

Narrowing of the gap between pension assets & liabilities; share of defined contribution rising sharply to over 50%

The surge in the assets is attributed to the increasing contribution into ETFs by retail investors and the EPFO

Consider diversified asset spread including equity for long term goals, debt for emergency funds and liquid assets

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