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Roopa Pai is living her childhood dream

Outlook Money brings you the views on money matters from some of India's most influential people
By OLM Desk | February 03, 2017

From achievers to leaders to the glamorous, in this web series, Outlook Money brings you the views on money matters from some of India’s most influential. Several of the New Year’s resolutions made this year may have been already broken. But who says you need to wait for planetary revolution to make new decisions that can make tomorrow slightly better than today? Inspiration can come from anyone at anytime. These individuals, each a leader in their respective field, talks about their life, both financial and personal, and lets us know what it takes to make it big in this beautifully scary world. We hope their wisdom empowers you to know how to better secure your financial future.


Do what you enjoy

Roopa Pai considers herself lucky. Being a voracious reader ever since her childhood, she always knew she wanted to be a writer. She is the recipient of the Children’s Book Trust award for science writing. Her books for young children include the best-selling 4-part science series, Sister Sister, which has been translated into eleven Indian languages.

She was in her tweens when she discovered the cult children’s magazine, Target, which helped her fine-tune her career plans. She did not just want to write for anybody; she wanted to write for children. “I was also good at science and math, so I took a detour along the way and became a computer engineer, mostly for my parents' sake, before I landed my dream job as writer at Target, “she says. And she has not looked back since.

Talking about managing to stay relevant with times, she says that she interacts and hangout with young people at every opportunity she gets. “As part of my work as a tour guide with BangaloreWalks, a history and heritage walks and tours company, for instance, I regularly take students on fun history and culture tours in and around the city,” she says. Apart from this, she does book readings of her own works at schools. “Although all this is mainly because I enjoy being around young people, the time I spend with them also helps me stay abreast of their interests and concerns, and that eventually informs my writing,” she confesses.

Though she does not consider herself qualified to give any financial advice, her views on money are rather interesting.”Philosophically speaking, though, my take is simple and old-fashioned - sure, money is important to live a life of dignity, but how much money you need to be able to do that is a decision that is entirely yours to make. So don't let absolutes bother you, always have a (financial and metaphorical) Plan B, and yes, live within your means, “she advises.

Talking about her most prized possession, she considers her children as her greatest treasure.”I use the word ‘possession’ here in the sense of ‘mine to have and to hold and to love’ rather than mine to own,” she adds.



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