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The sought-after courses

Some not so famous financial courses
By Shipra Sharma | May 20, 2016

These are some of the courses that will be a great launch-pad towards your full-fledged career in financial services

B.Com Professional

This programme focuses on developing proficiency in accountancy, taxation and finance. Some colleges offer this in association with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). You can consider pursuing higher education in management or professional qualification such as CA, ACCA, etc.

BBA Financial Analysis & Services

This programme is designed for working in the financial services industry and imparts knowledge about the various aspects of financial services. Helps students understand and develop skills that are essential to face challenges in sales and marketing of financial products and allied services.

BBA in Banking and Finance

This programme focuses on the concepts used and practised in the banking and finance sectors. It covers the basic concepts of management with specialised training in subjects like international banking, risk management, etc. Suitable for students who see themselves entering careers in commercial or investment banking and prepares them to acquire a leadership role in the banking and finance sector.

BBA in Insurance and Risk Management

This programme explores the multifarious world of risk management and reflects the growing relationship between insurance, risk management and financial services. Prepares students to identify, analyse, and manage risks that are inherent in the operation of various organisations and to make them succeed in a constantly developing business environment.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Computerised Accounting

This programme covers all basic concepts of commerce from accounting, economics, banking, taxation and auditing and business law among other area specialisation. Helps student gain the knowledge and skills necessary to have a broad understanding of business competencies and apply the skills and values in different situations.

Bachelor of Commerce (Tax Procedure & Practices)

The programme strengthens a student’s exposure to the various aspects of direct and indirect taxes along with practical implications Provides a solid base in the field of taxation, finance and accounting to prepare them for various roles such as tax recruiter, tax policy analyst, revenue agents, etc.

Bachelor of Commerce (Banking Management)

The course provides a foundation for a career in accounting, banking, and financial management. Students can opt for higher education in areas like marketing (institutional and retail), operations & risk management and dealing, portfolio management services, etc.

Bachelor of Commerce in Electronic Banking

The programme imparts knowledge related to the working mechanism of ATM machines, e-security, internet transaction firewalls, tele banking and encryption. Prepares student for practical banking experiences by simulating bank-client situations.


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