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Destined to Design

Falguni Peacock shares her thoughts about money and more
By OLM Desk | March 10, 2017

Were you always interested in designing?

Yes, I think I was born for that. (Laughs)

What’s been your experience when it comes to handling finances?

It was tough; especially when you start off on your own and want to expand. It takes a lot of planning and you need to play your cards right; that is the key to long-term success.

We did make some wrong moves during our journey but I think the upside was that we learnt from our mistakes. In business, it is all about taking risks and following your dream and having a clear plan on how to achieve it. We made some good and bad decisions, but in the process we learnt a lot.

If you were to start all over again, what is it that you would do differently?

I think I would do affordable designer wear. In today's day and age, everybody wants to dress well. Everyone is exposed to international fashion and trends, thanks to social media and the age of the internet. We would continue to do couture which is slightly expensive and we would also do fusion wear that would be affordable.

How important is money for you?

More than money, focus is important. When you are focused and determined, money just falls in place. It is definitely important to survive and run your house and business. But with a strong vision, clear focus and hard work, everything falls in place.

When did you get your first pay cheque and what did you do with it?

It was when I was 18; and I shopped for my mom and brother.

How has money influenced your thoughts and decisions?

It’s always been thoughts, decisions and ideas before money for sure. Of course, you do need money to take your brand to the next level, establish a business house and participate in international fashion weeks. But I view money as the means to achieving my dreams, and not the end goal. Determination is key to making your dreams come true and right business acumen is important as well.

What are some of the things that you spend on? Your most expensive buy?

We love travelling and shop and collect a lot of interesting things when we travel. We draw inspiration from various elements during our travel. My most significant investment would be setting up my brand and establishing a design house of international repute and getting some of the biggest celebrities and people all over the world to wear our designs.

You are working on so many celebrities, how do you cope up with pressure?

When we decided to work with the celebrities across the globe, we just knew we were going to love it and it was just the beginning. Initially it was difficult; but now, working with them is not a high pressure job as people would assume. It has always been a fun and challenging process.

What are your hobbies? Do you get the time for them now?

I think in the past couple of years as we have grown as a company, we now have a structured set up and giving out a little more control and delegating gives us comparatively more free time to pursue other interests and hobbies frequently these days.

How do you manage your finances? Can you share your future financial goals?

When you are a creative person, you are never able to know to how to manage your finances well. Because money kills creativity and I am a strong believer of that. So people with a view of how to handle money should be involved in the business. Trust should be involved in it so that you can allow them to give the right approach and the right way of dealing with your finances. Playing your cards right is utmost important.

How much money do you carry when you go out? Do you use credit cards?

We use credit cards most of the time. Carrying money is just too cumbersome these days and it is quite difficult to manage too. Credit and debit cards really work well for me.


Falguni Peacock has made her career in fashion by following her own set of rules; with unique and unusual styling and attention to detail

First published in Empower, March 2016


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