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A Rising Star

India can be a difficult place for a foreigner, but Mia Uyeda has come out trumps in the best possible way
By OLM Desk | March 10, 2017

Can you take us through how you landed in acting?

I started my career in India in the year 2007 as a Kingfisher Calendar model. My debut film was Blood Money and I have done films like Tees Maar Khan, Cocktail and Tere Bin laden-Dead or Alive. I hosted a TV show called 9XE on 9XM and MTV India’s Saturday Night Shuffle. I have also worked in a number of ad films. I have also done a travel show—The Maharaja Route—that was a French travel show which was shot in India and gave me the opportunity to travel and connect with Indians in the real world. I have really enjoyed my journey till now.

What’s the secret to managing so many things—films, TV show host and modelling?

For me, it's all just part of my job apart from the so many roles we play in our life and we have to find our own equability and balance. You have to be committed to what you are doing at one given point of time and I think that is the best way to manage everything.

How important is money in your life?

Money is very important in life and I am happy with the work I do.

When did you get your first paycheque and what did you do with it?

I started working and travelling at a very young age. I was working as a model and started earning immediately. I bought a little gift for my grandmother from my first paycheque.

How has money influenced your thoughts and decisions?

I am doing what I love doing and money has never influenced my decisions but as I started earning money, I understood it's value and I always try and give that respect.

What are some of the things that you spend on? What has been your most expensive buy?

I bought a house in Canada so that's a very expensive buy for me and I have a very simple lifestyle as I spend my money on basic stuff.

The life of a star is full of expectations and pressures, how do you handle it?

My life is very simple as I like my job and it comes with beautiful advantages and perks but I wouldn't let that get to me. I don't overthink about it, be it any kind of job and that's how I take it.

What are your hobbies?

I really love cooking; I experiment with different recipes every day. I've taken up kickboxing for the past year with a fabulous trainer. It is a great way to stay in shape, and I really enjoy the focus that I get from it.

Can you share your future financial goals?

I don't have any immediate goal financially but I have an agency which is helping me towards managing my finances.

How much money do you carry with you when you are going out?

The world is so plastic now and I carry at the most Rs 2,000 in my purse.


Starting her career in India in 2007 as Kingfisher Calendar model, Mia Udeya has hosted several television shows and also acted in Bollywood movies

First published in Empower, March 2016


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