Investors with over 5 year investment time frame expect growth, and are fine with some risk
Cautious investors should look at an investment horizon of three to five years at least
The challenge faced by a first time investor is, more often, about making a decision to invest
Depending on the kind of investor you are, we offer you a list of funds to pick from
Invesco India Contra fund benefitted from earnings growth as well as PE re-rating
Sometimes offbeat moves pay off a lot more than the usual approach. But, this comes with its share of risks
SEBI Investor Survey 2015 found that 33 % households prefer not to invest in mutual funds
The answer lies on one’s definition of what is safe or what is unsafe
Rising stock market is seen wrongly as the sign to enter them by first time investors
The key to wealth creation is to know two things—what kind of investor are you and which funds to invest in
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