The aim of this fund is to invest in companies with high growth rates or potential
We are in a unique scenario wherein interest rates are down, inflation is down and the equity markets are stable
This fund predominantly invests in large-cap companies, with a little exposure to mid-cap stocks as well
Launched in 2011, in this short period the fund has managed to create a reputation of a dependable performer
The fund has come a long way to garner staggering in-flows, making it a fund with a big corpus
Bhubaneswar, is speeding towards its transformation into a techno-commercial ‘Smart City’
This fund typically allocates about 70 per cent of its assets to equities, with the rest in debt
The fund is well diversified with a portfolio of about 50 stocks across market capitalisation
The fund has consistently outperformed its benchmark during different stock market runs
We got the list, now figure out which one to invest in based on your need & comfort to risk and achieve your goals
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