Rising stock market is seen wrongly as the sign to enter them by first time investors
This is not exactly a category, but the performance of some select funds because of their unique traits
These funds are for investors looking for tax efficient alternatives to bank fixed deposits
If taking risks with investing is up your street, the following five funds are what you should consider
Investors with over five year investment time frame are fine with some risk, as long as the risk can be absolved
Cautious investors should look at an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years at least
The obsession over the movement of Sensex has not converted those observing it to participate in its movements
The challenge faced by a first time investor is, more often, about making a decision to invest
The obvious need is to compare the performance of the fund against an indicator
The key to wealth creation is to know two things—what kind of investor are you and which funds to invest in
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