As the Modi Government celebrates three years in office, don’t be blinded by the festivities and noise around it
Not having the time for not starting should not be the manner in which you also view your investments
Thinking after the deed is done, we all rue over; especially when an opposite stand would have worked out the best
Don’t be under the illusion that you can get away with misinformation or hiding facts to save a few bucks
Your mind plays games in such ways that you start believing you are paying nothing, but are getting a lot
Loss aversion does encourage in delaying decisions, which impacts the prospects of earning returns
Being confident is a desirable trait, but being over confident is a recipe for financial disaster
When it comes to your finances, you cannot undo a mistake you committed when you were younger
You pick up a lot of traits from your peers, but when it comes to money, chances of depending on parents are high
As a better investor, you should take charge of your investments or, at least, observe how it is faring
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