A sub-limit is a monetary cap that your insurance provider places on your medical insurance claim
One of the reasons for being under insured is to wrongly assume life insurance as a savings and investment tool
Along with the insurance policy you can also also consider the following benefits
Make life insurance count by taking the right policy at the right stage in life and for the right quantum of cover
Monsoons can bring joy & merry. It also brings its share of woes, some of which can be easily handled by insurance
Aegon Life Insurance is focusing on the delivering promise of insurance claims
The insurance grievance redressal structure could do with an authority with more powers, says an industry report
Ask the insurer for an authorised illustration & ask some hard-hitting questions before you sign up for the policy
AMCs and insurers are fast using chat bots, short for chatting robots to interact with digital consumers
Bajaj Allianz has activated the technology-driven facility for flight delay and small-ticket motor accident claims
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