Before you set about buying a life insurance policy, find out how much insurance do you really need
Expect the unexpected and be prepared with the financial instrument that can help you in such times – insurance
Insurance protection policy is a plan for the unthinkable, which provides financial security to your family
It is not enough to buy a life insurance policy; to ensure its continuity, renewing the policy is essential
A policy is termed lapsed if the premium is not paid within the grace period, leaving you without any cover
Shopping for life insurance online can be complicated as there is little that you can actually buy online with ease
No. You cannot be insured for very high sums, even if you can pay the premiums on such policies
A smart way to enhance your life insurance cover is to add an accident cover to term insurance
Life insurance claims can be maturity or death, and the procedure varies depending on the type of claim you make
Life insurance policies not only give you benefits in the long run; they also enable tax benefits for every year
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