One of the reasons for being under insured is to wrongly assume life insurance as a savings and investment tool
Along with the insurance policy you can also also consider the following benefits
Make life insurance count by taking the right policy at the right stage in life and for the right quantum of cover
Monsoons can bring joy & merry. It also brings its share of woes, some of which can be easily handled by insurance
Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to your house- insure it against risks to the structure & possessions inside
Before you set about buying a life insurance policy, find out how much insurance do you really need
Aegon Life Insurance is focusing on the delivering promise of insurance claims
Expect the unexpected and be prepared with the financial instrument that can help you in such times – insurance
Don’t let your physical wealth be wiped out through one act of misfortune; safeguard it by taking insurance
The insurance grievance redressal structure could do with an authority with more powers, says an industry report
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