Investments in debt funds will work better or even investments in balanced funds would work well
Given your investment time frame, it would be a good idea to consider ELSS over PPF
A basic health insurance cover is recommended to start, to which you can add life cover before you get married
At your age and level of earning, it would be best if you go for a term insurance plan and a pension plan
Each category of mutual fund is suited for a particular purpose based on the investor’s risk profile
Insurance requirement varies from individual to individual
Start saving for your child's education. Here are some ways you can save for your child's future
Take the necessary steps to invest for your child's education from an early period
A mediclaim card without a photograph will not pose any problem at the time of filing a claim
Review the performance of the fund at least once a year to check its progress
The policy claim on this loss depends on the cause of seepage
First and foremost aspect of your finances, which can be the difference between a dream and realising it
Create more than one source of income for a safe and secure financial future
At present you are a high risk borrower, and it will be sometime before a bank can make you a personal loan
By investing a fixed amount at predetermined intervals, trouble of figuring the best time to invest is eliminated
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