You can make a representation to the insurer for reconsideration of the claim
As per the tax laws, rental income will be taxed under income from house property
Yes, there is a type of diversified equity fund known as equity-linked savings schemes
Till you pay off the loan, it’s the financier who is considered the owner for all practical purposes
Tax deduction on the principal amount of the loan, under Section 80C is available for any number of houses
Investing in mutual funds is meant to be in a manner that you do not have to make too many decisions on timing
Although it is not a must to get your jewellery valued before insuring it; you will be better off if you do so
Invest regularly through the SIP into diversified equity mutual funds that you could select from the OLM Elite list
If you are new to investing, then you may be better off retiring the loan and then consider investing regularly
The MWP Act was enacted with a view to protect the properties of women against the creditors
The upper age limit for the public sector companies and some private companies is 80 years.
In such cases, the policy will vest in the deceased’s estate and the claim is paid to the heirs
What you need to check is the services offered by the bank in terms of quick turnaround time on loan disbursement
There are mutual funds available that you could consider based on your comfort with risk and liquidity.
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