Thinking after the deed is done, we all rue over; especially when an opposite stand would have worked out the best
Not having the time for not starting should not be the manner in which you also view your investments
The bank will typically take a week from the date you request them to send you a fresh chequebook
The benefit is not available for health premium payment for in-laws
You can claim deduction from total income in respect of contributions to any PPF belonging to self, spouse or child
Your mind plays games in such ways that you start believing you are paying nothing, but are getting a lot
Don’t be under the illusion that you can get away with misinformation or hiding facts to save a few bucks
Both the funds have a good track record and performance history over different market cycles
The periodic payments or the amount received on maturity of policies is not repatriable
Depending on your medical reports, the insurers may issue a cover that may be subject to special terms & conditions
The insurers either pay directly to the insured or pay to the hospital or nursing home through a TPA.
If insurance is the main consideration, you should go for a term cover
Any sum exceeding Rs 50,000 received by an individual during a financial year is taxed as income from other sources
You pick up a lot of traits from your peers, but when it comes to money, chances of depending on parents are high
When it comes to your finances, you cannot undo a mistake you committed when you were younger
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