Lack of savings, love for credit and impeding employment crisis will make their retirement near impossible
For a start, a budget in place is essential to savings
Data can be deceptive- widening of tax collections & rise in taxpayers does not tell you if filers are rich or poor
Bank savings interest rates are so low that it’s time you look at alternate options to keep your money
Wish I had invested in tomatoes instead of the stock markets for such stupendous gains in a month
When investing it is equally crucial to know when is to do nothing other than continue investing
Many investors burn their fingers by investing when the markets are at an all time high
Talking about financial awareness can result in a lot more people learning about the importance of money management
The state of the 50 plus Indian is something to worry about. More so, if they haven’t planned their finances
The euphoria around the ‘One-Nation, One-Tax’ GST regime paints too rosy a picture to be believed
Expect the unexpected and be prepared with the financial instrument that can help you in such times – insurance
An increment without being subjected to performance reviews is manna in this age and era
Ask the insurer for an authorised illustration & ask some hard-hitting questions before you sign up for the policy
Use the equity mutual fund route to investing in stock markets for wealth creation
You will need to earn more to spend more or save more to spend more
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