The interest earned from savings bank is taxable under the head ‘Income from Other Sources’
Start investing regularly through SIPs which will help you benefit from the power of compounding & cost averaging
The simplest method is ‘Income Replacement’ method, which is based on your current annual income
Investing can be done both offline and online and the choice is yours
If the plot is owned by you, any structure built on it automatically belongs to you
First, collate your financial statements to know, how much the household earns and spends each month
As the interest that she is earning from her bank deposits exceeds Rs 10,000, they may be deducting TDS on the same
You could consider complaining to the insurer and seek a change in the agent who will manage your policy in future
Under the EPFO Act, 1952, you can withdraw your PF balance only if you are not employed with another employer
For a car to be categorised as vintage, it needs to be manufactured before December 31, 1940
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