Once the claim is paid, the sum insured on the laptop automatically falls by the amount of claim paid
You could consider setting up a trust, which will ensure that the money is available to him when he turns 18
The benefits of health insurance can be best gauged when you actually experience a claim
You need to ask yourself if you would be fine to receive the policy proceeds from a policy on your daughter’s name
If you do not have enough money for the down payment, you will have to organise it on your own
Whole life plan is a type of insurance plan, which provides risk cover for the entire life of the assured
Normally, the policyholder specifies a nominee at the time of buying the policy
The confidentiality of the surveyor's report depends on the nature of assignment
Liquid funds score on two counts in comparison to bank fixed deposits—tax efficiency and higher liquidity
It is important to know about both these return types to understand the value of your investments
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